Harbour Volleyball have started an Opportunities Fund

Harbour Volleyball Association are proud to announce that we have started an Opportunities Fund.


The Harbour Volleyball Opportunities Fund has been established to assist HARBOUR players, coaches and referees with expenses directly related to volleyball development, training programmes, competitions, and events.  

The primary purpose is to enable training and competing at a regional, national and international representative level for Harbour Volleyball participants by helping to reduce financial barriers to participation.

A further outcome is the continued development of recipients’ volleyball skills and ability which will feed into the overall improvement of volleyball in the Harbour region. 


  • Players, coaches, referees
  • Secondary School age and over
  • Resides in and participates in the Harbour Volleyball community
  • One application per person per year
  • An application can be made prior to trialling for an event with approval subject to successful selection and overall criteria met 


Apply in writing to the chairperson of Harbour Volleyball by email to gdm@harbourvolleyball.co.nz. A nomination can be made on behalf of an eligible person, or an individual can apply directly.

Include the following information:

  • Name of applicant and contact details
  • If you are nominating someone, please explain your relationship with the applicant
  • What course, training, competition, or event is being attended and the relevant dates
  • Amount of funding applied for
  • Benefits or outcomes for applicant and/or volleyball community
  • Explain why assistance from the Opportunities Fund is needed to help reduce financial barriers to participation
  • Does the applicant have the ability to support Harbour Volleyball in return e.g. assisting with Holiday Programmes, volunteer coaching and refereeing
  • Applicant’s previous experience in volleyball if any
  • References if applicable


Maximum amount available per application is $500.  A limited amount of funds is available for distribution annually. 

If successful applications are not used as intended, funding must be returned to Harbour Volleyball.  



North Harbour Volleyball Association Chairperson and Treasurer will make a full and final decision. They may consult with other Board Members and Harbour Volleyball staff while making the decision.